Star Guitar: Alexa Skill

Star Guitar is an Alexa skill that I built to help promote my YouTube channel.  It returns the formulas and the notes for popular scales in any key.  It's based on a scale engine that I wrote in Javascript.  The scale engine is currently loaded with popular scales, but can be loaded with any scale and it's associated formula.


Music Sketch: iPad Protyotype

Music Sketch is a truly unique productivity app for guitar and bass players.  This work-in-progress video demonstrates some of the capabilities.  I pride myself on making the the best guitar scale reference in the world and incorporating it into a widget based application.  This approach is truly unique and I'm proud to say that I came up with this idea and built this prototype. 

Note to all guitar players:  You own the scales, the scales do not own you!


AskADev Videos

These are a couple of videos that were shot in the video room at Mutual Mobile.  I wrote the script for both of these videos and used a teleprompter app on an iPad.  I've never done anything like this before and it was actually quite hard.  Danny's video editing skills at Mutual Mobile made these videos look professional.

2012 Paul Gilbert's Great Guitar Escape

This was a week long guitar clinic in the mountains at Full Moon Resort in NY.  There was no Internet and no cell phone coverage.  The only thing you could do is play guitar, hear guitar, learn about guitar and enjoy really good food.  It was amazing to hang out with Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan and Tony McAlpine.  I will never forget the energy, the people, and the excitement of this week.  Much to my surprise, I won an autographed MXR Phase 90 pedal from Paul Gilbert.  Pictures can be seen here.


Guitar Practice Pad: iPad iOS App

This was the first iOS app I released to the App Store for the iPad.  A well written book from Big Nerd Ranch helped me create an app that dynamically rendered guitar scales.  Users could download backing tracks for the selected scale.  It was the first app of its kind.  The app was priced at $1.00 and had 92 downloads on the first day.  


Open Blues Jam at The Cellar, Virginia Tech

This was my first time I jumped on on a stage and played completely improvised.  I never met these guys before and I had no idea what I was going to be playing.  The highlight of the night was when we played Texas Flood in G minor.  I nailed the solo and the transition out of the solo was unbelievably perfect.  I will never forget the sound of the unexpected applause at the end of my solo in the middle of the song.  


Startup: Jungle Disk

I was one of the founding members of a small startup in Atlanta called Jungle Disk.  Jungle Disk was one of the first products that allowed users to backup your files from your computer to Amazon S3.  Our company was purchased by Rackspace shortly after we launched.  Being a part of a successful startup was a huge learning experience and it's something that I still draw from today.  I could write a book about this experience. 


Animusic Project

While I was at RIT, we discussed the challenges associated with syncing computer animation with sound in my computer graphics III class.  Inspired by Wayne Lytle's Animusic videos and my recent purchase of a black Les Paul Standard, I decided to create a video that was driven by the content of a MIDI file.  I created this tune using a keyboard, and created a program to parse a MIDI file and render a hand at 24 frames per second, interpolating finger movements for each frame. Once all the frames were stitched together, I over dubbed a real guitar sound replacing the keyboard sound.

Early 90s

Applied Research and Technology (ART)

My first job out of college was working as an electronics technician for ART.  ART was formed when MXR dissolved.  I had the pleasure of working with some of the original members of MXR and heard many wild stories.  While I was at ART, we created the world's first guitar analog preamp that included digital effects in one nice package.

It's ugly by todays standards, but the SGX 2000 was extremely successful when it was first launched.  We had pizza parties every month to celebrate the sales from this product alone.  The increased revenue generated by this product enabled ART to expand into new markets.  

I remember solving a difficult problem that we noticed with many boards.  We started to see a lot of boards failing a particular THD test from our Audio Precision test station.  Something on this board was causing the THD test to fail.  What could it be?


With some luck, I found the issue by probing around the board and varying the input gain while observing the shape of the waveform on an oscilloscope.  I discovered that a certain lot of TL074 op-amps clipped the top half of the waveform slightly differently than the bottom half.  This caused the THD Audio Precision test to fail.  

Early 80s

The start of a never ending journey...


Early 70s

One of my very first albums that I remember as a kid from my dad's collection was Switched on Bach by Walter Carlos.  

switched-on bach.jpg