Pedalboard: Switchable Loop

I added a switchable loop to my pedalboard which splits the board into two parts, a frontend and backend.  The "normal" or unprocessed signal flow is represented by the green arrow.  The processed signal flow (loop engaged) is represented by the red arrow.

Having a loop in this configuration provides four additional features to my pedalboard:

  • A shorter and cleaner all analog signal flow to the amp 
  • The ability to turn more multiple effects in the backend on/off
  • The ability to quickly adjust the mix of the backend effects
  • Easily turn effects on/off without extending your foot to the backend pedals

Since I play dry most of the time, I love the ability to shorten and completely bypass any digital or unnecessary effects in the signal chain.  I also love the ability to go from a dry sound to a phased sound with delay by easily taping a big green button in the front of the pedalboard.  The big knobs are a product called Barefoot Buttons.

The backside of the pedalboard is powered by the Voodoo Labs Mondo power supply.  It works great and the mounting bracket kits is especially made for the PedalTrain pedalboard.  To keep inference at a minimum, the power and audio lines intersect each other at 90 degrees.  I'm not sure if it really matters in this DC context, but it makes my OCD happy.

The 400ma output is used to drive three effects in series in the backend, whereas the more important frontend pedals have their own isolated supply.  This is how I am able to power so many pedals with one supply.  The power supply is mounted under the backend pedals.

There's very little noise with this board (if any) and offers many types of sounds.  This board provides many hours of corporate and spousal escapism.