The Beginning

In 1984 my dad brought home the world’s first Apple Macintosh and I loved it. I was a Mac and my friends were PCs. I was young, opinionated and I loved the Mac and everything that it stood for. Yes, I was that guy. Then I went to college, joined the workforce and discovered Microsoft .Net in 2002. I left the Apple camp and joined the Microsoft camp and loved it for 10 solid years. Microsoft was doing great things for me and my career, and Apple was doing nothing.

Then Apple released the first generation iPod. I was immediately sucked into it. iTunes was great, the iPod was great. It was all good amazing stuff. Later the iPhone was released followed by the iPad. The iPad was the device that pushed into the Apple world. I wanted to fully immerse myself into the culture, the company and the product. Shut up and take my money!!! And Apple did.

I bought a few books, created a few apps and worked really hard at learning and understanding Apple’s iOS technology stack. Before I knew it, I was an iOS developer working with other iOS developers in corporate America. It was all good, until it wasn’t.

The Story

I was all in. At one point I owned almost every product that Apple made. Yes, really, I was that guy. I couldn’t get enough of Apple and their keynotes and their products. After a few years, I experienced the following events.

Time Capsule

The Time Capsule was a great idea. It was touted as having a “server grade” hard drive during the keynote, however the hard drive in my Time Capsule died after one year. Worse yet, I know of two other colleagues that had their hard drive fail in their Time Capsule as well. I tore it apart and discovered the “server grade” hard drive was a cheapo Western Digital drive. This is so hard to forget.


The thing that brought me back into Apple became the thing that started to tear me away. iTunes became really hard to use. Instead of being new and exciting it became hell. It was clunky even after the redesign. It’s hard for me to accept the iTunes experience from a company that has so much money and claims that “music is in our DNA.”

No Apple Apps

I found myself strongly favoring Google applications over Apple’s applications. Gmail is the world’s best email application. Google Photos and YouTube are the world’s best photo and video platforms. I don’t think I need to mention Apple maps or Siri. Logic Pro is a great DAW, but Studio One is a better DAW.

Poor Developer Experience

I was an iOS developer professionally for three years. I was shocked at how bad it was compared to my 10 years of Microsoft .Net. Xcode is a terrible IDE and Core Data is a terrible object persistence library. Signing, uploading and navigating iTunesConnect is terrible and remains terrible to this day. The entire UI framework in iOS is complicated and needs to be totally thrown away. By comparison, Microsoft makes the best tools for developers in the world. Nobody comes close.

Bad Product Decisions

Over the years, I have experienced a few product decisions that have actually made me very angry. Mag Safe is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It has prevented my laptop and my wife’s laptop from crashing to the group countless times. Mag Safe is genius, brilliant, elegant and now it’s gone? REALLY!?!?

Mag Safe is properly brilliant

Mag Safe is properly brilliant

Speaking of gone, are you missing the headphone jack on your phone? The dongle experience is super annoying and I really hate Apple for starting this trend. Removing the headphone jack does not sound like a decision made by a company that claims music is in their DNA. I found myself constantly hunting for dongles in my house, so I made a headphone rack with an integrated Dongle Management System (DMS).

Dongle management System (DMS)

Dongle management System (DMS)

The thunderbolt cable that came with my Apple display monitor lasted exactly one year before it started to fray apart. I can’t replace the cable because it’s glued to the monitor. White electrical tape to the rescue.

The mighty mouse is not so mighty when the battery dies

The mighty mouse is not so mighty when the battery dies

The new Apple mighty mouse comes with an integrated battery. Charging the mouse requires it to be tipped on its side. Wouldn’t it be better to plug the cable into the top of the mouse and use it like a traditional mouse while it’s charging? The mighty mouse is not usable when it’s being charged.

My Apple pen worked great until it fell off my desk. 100 bucks down the drain.

One day I discovered the YouTube app on my Apple TV had disappeared. I’m not sure who to blame for this. Maybe there was some sort of licensing dispute between Apple and Google, but regardless, somebody decided that I didn’t need to watch YouTube on my Apple TV anymore. The fix? Spend more money, buy a new Apple TV device.

I waited many months for Apple to release a version of Apple TV that supports 4K. After the first week, my wife dropped the remote from the couch and the glass shattered. It sill works, but you can cut your finger if you press too hard. Bleeding edge technology?

While I was creating this blog, I noticed what appeared to be dust on the display of my MacBook. Unfortunately, I believe many pixels have started to fail. You can clearly see them in this YouTube video.

The Mobile Competition has Caught Up

There was a time when the iPhone was THE mobile device to get. Nobody provided a fluid user experience with a kickass camera and apps that run securely in their own sandbox. Apple was the clear winner, but now the competition has caught up. Google’s Pixel phone has a great camera and the user experience is close enough for me. The price and the experience made me ditch the iPhone in favor of Google. I’m not paying a premium to use 3D poo emojis on my phone.

One thing that really bothered me about my iPhone is uploading videos to YouTube. For whatever reason, sometimes my phone would not allow me to upload high quality videos. Sometimes it would drop to standard quality. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t select high quality. That was super annoying.

What is the music widget on my iPhone supposed to do? It’s the most useless thing in the world. How can music possibly be in Apple’s DNA?

Apple’s Way or the Highway

The thing that really annoys me the most about Apple is that you must constantly feed their machine with your wallet. You must constantly upgrade and use all of their products and services to properly experience the Apple user experience. You have to go all in, or else experience some level of pain or frustration. For example, if you want to change your Apple password without using an iOS device you must wait one day.


There are some things I really like about the MacOS, but the things that I dislike seem to rear their ugly head everyday. The Finder sucks. Despite its name, the Finder does not make it easy to find files. I’ve been using it for years and sadly I still don’t get it. I guess I’m an idiot? Spotlight is useless as well. There’s only one company that knows how to search things, and everybody knows who that is.

One really nice thing about the MacOS is the ability to zoom in and out by simply pressing control + two finger swipe up/down. This feature is great especially when you work from home or if you make YouTube videos and you want to focus on a particular part of the screen. This feature used to work great until I upgraded to High Sierra. The zoom feature still works, however the QuickTime recorder doesn’t capture the actual zoom, and the zoom is not captured when I share my screen via a video conference. Apple broke my workflow.

Remember this commercial? I find myself thinking of this commercial whenever I have to open the Security preferences and allow something to work with my Mac. I’ve been doing this much too often lately.

The Switch

My love affair with Apple is officially over. This is all very disappointing to say the least. I cannot accept these bad decisions and unreliable products from a company that is valued at over one trillion dollars. Apple needs to do better.I refuse to pay a premium for Apple products. My next computer will be a Windows box. Why should I buy a Mac? Seriously, why? I’m going back to my roots and joining the Microsoft tech stack. Stay tuned…