Favorite New AWS Products for 2017

Does the world need new 3D emojis?  No.  Does the world need serverless Aurora, canary deployments, container abstraction, and API logging?  Yes!!!  I guess I'm not the Apple fan boy that I used to be.

Here are my favorite AWS products announced this year at re:Invent 2017.

Serverless Aurora

This looks like an easier and cheaper way to use Aurora DB and Lambda functions.  Before this product was introduced, Lambda functions had to be properly configured in VPC in order to enable them to access Aurora DB.  This video I made illustrates this complexity.  Serverless Aurora is accessible via HTTP and should eliminate this heartburn.

Canary deployments for API GW/Lambda

This allows developers to "gently" roll out a new version of an API to a small percentage of customers.  Having the ability to do easily do this extremely cool!

AWS Fargate

When I first learned about ECS, I was surprised to the learn that its very server oriented.  Blah!  Fargate provides the much needed abstraction for containers.  

API Gateway Access Logging

API logging is very important in enterprise level applications.  I'm happy to see this feature and can't wait to use it.


These are just a few of my favorite new products from AWS this year.  Amazon continues to provide products that abstract the underlying servers at reasonable prices. This allows developers to focus on creating great apps and allows product owners to sleep at night knowing that there are no servers to manage.  Every year Amazon releases new products that solve real world problems faced by developers.  And that's no poo emoji.