On September 06, 2016 I received my AWS Solutions Architect associate certification.  It was something that I wanted to do for awhile and I finally decided to buckle down and do it. 

The test was at a certified testing facility.  I had to empty my pockets of everything (keys, iPhone, etc) and lock them up in a locker.  I had to sign a waiver that acknowledged I was being video taped.  The classroom held about 50 people, however there was only one other person taking the same test.  The test was pretty tricky.  It was the fastest 80 minutes of my life.

An online class from Udemy helped me prepare for the test.  The class was 14 hours long with quizzes after each section.  It's amazing how large AWS has become over the years.  I believe everybody needs to take this class just to begin to understand AWS.  There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can use a battle tested solution from AWS.