The Switch

After being an Apple fanboy for many years, even before the iPhone was introduced, I switched from iOS to Android on 5/22/2018.  The reason for the switch involved many different things and I will try to outline most of them below in no particular order.

iPhone Hardware Became Obsolete Way Too Fast

I can still remember very clearly the day I bought my iPhone 6.  It ran smooth and was laser fast.  Less than four years my iPhone turned into a slow dog.  I hated it.  I hated using it.  I hated logging in.  I hated playing music.  I hated checking my email.  This thing was supposed to make my life fun and easy and it was dragging me down.

Should I buy a new iPhone?  The latest iPhone clocks in at $1100 including a fast charger.  Uh... no.  I cannot spend that much money on something that I toss around at home, in the car, at work, and everywhere else.  One thousand dollars for such a device is absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that my old phone became unusable so fast REALLY bothers me.  Thank you Apple.

Google Apps are Awesome

I found myself using Google apps more and more.  Let's face it, Google makes the best apps and services in the world and I used them daily without flaw or hesitation:

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Google Photos
  • Google Maps
  • Google Play (music)
  • Google Hangouts (chat & video)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets

Music Fail

"Music is in our DNA."  Then why is iTunes is the worst music platform on the planet?  I could write an entire blog on the failure that is commonly known as iTunes, but I won't.  Needless to say, this is a hot area for me and Apple has failed to deliver and improve after many, many, many years.

The Little Things Started to Really Bother Me

One of the richest companies in the world refuses to create thumbnails of large images in my emails (see banner image).  I am tired of tapping on "Tap to Download" waiting for the image to download, and then realize... well that was a waste of my life.  There are many little things about iOS that drove me crazy, especially when I know that Apple has gobs of money and could/should address these things.

What is My iPhone Doing?

I found myself asking this question and I could never get an answer.  Attempting to sync my Google Music with my iPhone was always a complete mystery.  Android addresses this issue with their notification center which clearly tells the user what tasks are running in the background, and what tasks have finished.  It's simply awesome.  

The Camera

Apple was always a clear winner here.  If you wanted THE BEST camera on a mobile device, you had to buy an iPhone.  That is not the case anymore.  The camera in the Pixel2 is equal to or better than the camera in the iPhone X.  Seriously.

iOS Development Is Terrible

I was "lucky" enough to do iOS development professionally for about three years.  What a shock.  I can't believe how bad the Xcode IDE is when you compare it to something like Microsoft Visual Studio.  Apple's approach to the UI is based from NeXT Computer technology from the early 90s.  This old approach to UI development makes developing a responsive UI for mobile devices extremely challenging.  Apple needs to completely ditch Xcode and their approach to the building a user interface.  Completely.  Ditch.  It.  Now.


The primary focus of iOS is to securely run apps.  That's it.  If you don't like it, too bad so sad.  The focus of Android is to provide a workflow tailored for the user.  There's a huge difference between these two devices and the winner goes to Google.  My Google Pixel2 is a device that suites MY needs and makes my life easier.  Yes, the iPhone made my life easier, but it only did this one app at a time.  My Pixel2 as a whole works with me and is configured to fit my life.  After one week with my Pixel2, my iPhone feels like a dumb device whose sole purpose is to hold apps.  I'm really surprised how much I like the Pixel2 and I can't see myself going back to iOS.  As an added bonus, I saved about 500 bucks.